Community Quotes

“…Counseling For Change serves its clients and community with a keen sense of respect and dignity, resulting positive changes that assist individuals, families and our city.”

Honorable Lloyd Winnecke, Mayor, City of Evansville

Who Are Our Clients?

Counseling For Change clients are drawn from all walks of life. Often, the only thing they may have in common is the disease of addiction. The majority of our client base is referred to CFC through the Court system.
  • The Vanderburgh County Drug and Alcohol Deferral Service refers clients who are first time offenders who are willing to comply with DADS guidelines. These may be young people from eighteen to twenty-one who complete an eight week education program or adults who choose to become participants in this year long program.
  • Clients who are referred by Misdemeanor Probation are offenders who are unable to comply with the constraints of the DADS program, or those who are repeat offenders who are still at a misdemeanor level. These individuals are assessed for appropriate treatment levels and placed in group or individual treatment sessions, as indicated.
  • Clients who are referred to CFC through Adult Probation Services are those who may have multiple felonies either pending or adjudicated. They may have previous treatment episodes in this or other facilities. These individuals are evaluated and assigned to an appropriate treatment level, if indicated.
  • The Department of Child Services frequently refers at risk parents to CFC for evaluation and treatment as needed. These individuals meet in group treatment sessions or in individual sessions designed to improve parenting skills as well as encourage a sober lifestyle.
  • Vanderburgh County Treatment Court refers clients to CFC with the understanding that CFC will cooperate in the monitoring of their participants. Treatment level is determined based on evaluation and assessment.
  • Indiana Parole refers recently released individuals who are in need of either evaluation or treatment to CFC.
  • CHINS Court, (Children In Need of Services) participants are chosen by a panel and referred for evaluation and treatment at CFC or a collaborating community agency. Participants are provided with addictions treatment in group sessions, as well as individual treatment sessions.
  • Various probation services from Warrick County, Gibson County, and other neighboring counties refer clients to CFC for evaluation and treatment.

Both the therapeutic and support staffs work closely with members of referring agencies. Reports are generated based on progress to include attendance, sobriety, and other factors affecting treatment. These can be routinely sent or provided at the request of the individual caseworker. It is the goal of CFC to maintain a flow of information that will benefit the client.